U.S. Federal Employee Memento

If your a U.S resident you are well aware of the current government shutdown.

It is both terrible and exhausting in this paycheck to paycheck world that is prevalent for much of the populace. For some this is I opening. Per Bloomberg, shutdowns are new for Kate Noland, who has worked as a law clerk at the Superior Court of the District of Columbia for only eight months and was counting on the salary to replay loans for law school. Her last paycheck arrived with a jarring figure: $0.

“I knew it was coming but it definitely hurt,” she said outside of a Washington sandwich shop that was offering free lunch to federal workers because of the partial government shutdown.

For 800,000 federal workers suddenly getting no pay, the idea of receiving a zero-dollar pay statement every other week seems an unnecessary indignity on top of the stress and financial turmoil of the shutdown, which began Dec. 22. Many went to social media to vent their frustration.

“Never mind the normal stress of thousands of lives in your hands at any given moment, but to add this….” air traffic controller Jeffrey Plendl tweeted, along with a screenshot of his pay statement that showed net pay of $0.00.

“It’s not intended to be an insult, even though it is,” Steve Lenkart, director of the National Federation of Federal Employees said. “Oddly enough it will probably prevent a delay in processing checks when it reopens.”

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